– Soldamatic is the first AR welding simulator worldwide, which together with the Augmented Learning Management System (ALMS) based on the concept of Augmented Training, allows training future qualified welders in a more sustainable and efficient way, saving time and reducing costs. Soldamatic is an Augmented Reality training system for welding that reduces costs while increasing the training efficiency of a welding program. It enhances the learning process of students so they are skilled enough before going to the real workshop.


Soldamatic Augmented Training enables training institutions to close the gap between the market demand for qualified welders and the available workforce of students and professionals seeking continued education programs :

  • Improving the quality of the training by increasing the skill level of the trainees producing high qualified professionals locally, where they are needed.
  • Providing an attractive technology for women and young professionals to get trained and open a door to the industrial sector.
  • Green technology that helps reducing CO2 emissions, consumables and energy of the welding programs.
  • Minimizing labour risks: avoiding physical risks for students until they acquire a skill level that minimizes injures while practicing.


  1. 2017 Best Augmented Reality Solution for enterprise at Augmented World Expo Europe. Munich, Germany.
  2. 2014 Best Augmented Reality Solution for enterprise at Augmented World Expo. Santa Clara, California, USA.
  3. 2014 Most Innovative Product for Education by Worlddidac. Bern, Switzerland.
  4. Most visited Booth and Promising technology at Weldindia 2014. New Dheli, India.
  5. Most Innovative Technology at Hungexpo. Budapest, Hungary. Included by Gartner in their Augmented Reality Market Representative Vendors Report.
  6. Most Investable Startup. Europe, Silicon Stroll Bootcamp.
  7. Partnership with Abicor Binzel to promote healthy and safewelding together.



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