Virtual Welding Trainer Soldamatic – Successful event in our UK branch office. After the extensive modernisation work on our Morpeth branch in England, staff were able to show off their new premises as part of an open day event focusing on the “virtual welding trainer system – digital training and advanced training for welding experts”.

Following an introduction by EWM UK Branch Manager Alan Cauchi, the guest speaker Allan Gray discussed the advantages of a virtual welding trainer system. The Soldamatic welding trainer from Seabery is the first welding simulator to enable welding in a virtual environment.

The visitors were able to see the advantages of the welding trainer at first-hand: ranging from an introduction to welding through qualification according to international standards up to creating customer-specific training programs with the help of the innovative training software.

The practical demonstration was a hit with the guests who were delighted to be able to try it themselves. Two welding trainers were even sold on the same day to enthusiastic customers.

Our branch office would like to thank all visitors for their keen interest and is also looking forward to other events taking place in the near future.