H.C.S.M. (Hydro Carbon Separation Machine)

Esindolestari.com – Our  H.C.S.M. (Hydro Carbon Separation Machine) for eco remediation, is a recirculation unit that separates any material or surface of any hydrocarbon, recovering the same, which can be reused, even with best quality and best flashpoint. HCSM is ready to effect separation of the mineral hydrocarbon contaminated quickly and safely through the use of our HODSS product of vegetal origin that is fully biodegradable.

It incorporates a power generator to supply the equipment operation and can give service to the auxiliary equipment like belts band conveyors, as well as any other necessary service. HCSM can process 10-20m3 per hour with a really low fuel consumption and HODSS product because this is reused when working in closed circuit.

HCSM can be installed on a hydraulic translation carriage crawler or within a shipping container 40 ‘Open Side; As you can see, it is very versatile and easy to transport and its autonomy allows us to transport on a standard or load platform with a crane container.